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Triangle Wholesalers, Inc. distributes malt beverage products to a nine county area in West Central Georgia and Fort Benning.

Triangle Wholesalers, Inc. was founded in 1982. It is jointly owned by J. Lee and Linda L. Jackson. Triangle represents a compilation of brands purchased from seven different companies in whole and in part.

Our Company currently services an area consisting of Muscogee, Marion , Chattahoochee, Troup, Meriwether, Harris and Talbot counties, as well as Fort Benning , Georgia . As a wholesaler, we only sell our malt beverage products to retailers holding a valid alcohol license.

Thru this journey we have been the proud recipient of many national and regional awards from our suppliers as well as dozens of local recognitions for our community support.

In 2002, a joint venture partnership with Georgia Crown Distributing Company was established, forming J & L Ventures, LLC. Thru this partnership, we have purchased wholesale beer distribution companies throughout the state of Georgia in Albany, Valdosta, Rome, Athens, Macon, Augusta, and Griffin. Additional beer distribution companies were purchased in Columbia and Aiken, South Carolina. Sales growth has risen from 50,000 24/12oz equivalents in 1982 to a projected 2009 volume exceeding 13,500,000 24/12oz equivalents. We are currently servicing 124 of the 159 counties in Georgia and 16 counties in South Carolina. J & L represents almost every brand in the market with the exception of A-B products.

We proudly represent most of the major brewers of malt beverages including Miller, Coors, Diageo-Guiness USA, Pabst Brewing Company, Mike’s Hard Beverage Company, High Falls-Seagrams, Corona-Modelo products, Red Bull energy drinks and Melwood Springs Water Company.


It has always been the goal of Triangle Wholesalers, Inc. to represent our suppliers in the most professional manner possible and to service our customers at levels far surpassing that which is expected of us. These efforts have resulted in a market share growth from 0 to over 50% in the last 27 years.

We credit our continued sales volume increases to our hard working and dedicated employees that have been with us for many years.


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Welcome to Triangle

We proudly represent most of the major brewers of malt beverages including:

Miller Brewing

Coors Brewing

Diageo-Guiness USA,

Pabst Brewing

Mike's Hard Beverage

High Falls-Seagrams


Red Bull Energy Drinks

Melwwod Springs Water


Serving Our Area Since 1982

Current Georgia Liquor Licenced businesses only may order from Triangle Wholesalers, Inc.

Serving these Georgia Counties